The Live Streaming To Be A Top Priority in the Future

The Live Streaming To Be A Top Priority in the Future

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When you think of the trendiest marketing strategy, live streaming comes to mind. They are relatively inexpensive, have little or no production value, and can generate more revenue. Restream Friday Live show host Anya Razina is a marketing guru, successful entrepreneur, and insightful blogger, Mr. We talk live streaming with Neil Patel and why it's the best marketing tool to engage and grow your audience.

If you don't know anything about Neil Patel, he is considered a top marketer who not only helps big companies like Google, NBC, General Motors, and eBay increase their bottom line, but also mentors small businesses and individuals to foster growth. Neil's goal is to share his knowledge with as many people as possible and prove that marketing is not that expensive or difficult. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the most interesting and useful parts of the event.

Video Marketing That Still Relevant In The Future

The biggest trend in 2020 was live streaming. Due to the attractive nature of this format and the global pandemic, live streaming has become the biggest hit in the world. The biggest social platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are encouraging people and businesses to Livestream more rather than wasting time tweaking algorithms for live streaming.

Here's Why Live Streaming Is So Big Right Now According to Neil Patel, social platforms essentially serve as a new version of traditional live TV. And when you go live, they will try to spread your broadcast to your network as well as your network's networks.

Being A Top Marketing Tool is Still Underestimated

Even though live streaming is the top video marketing trend for 2020, its impact is still underestimated. Many companies continue to produce pre-recorded videos to promote their brands or products. Yes, high-quality pre-recorded media can strengthen a company's position in the market. However, it doesn't really promote scaling. Live streaming, on the other hand, is incredibly versatile and engaging, and can dramatically increase your audience reach in seconds.

One of the most popular live-streaming formats in business today is the live interview. When it comes to living interviews, one thing Neil Patel recommends is to do them live together at the same time. This way, the two different audiences get to know each other and your content spreads much faster.

SEO Practice For Live Video

It's no secret that Google's search engine dominates the scene. But did you know that the second largest search engine is actually YouTube? So your investment in SEO makes a lot of sense when live streaming on this platform. To rank better, put some thought into your live video title and description and include trending keywords related to the topic of your stream.

The next big step is promoting your content after the broadcast ends. The next 24 hours are very important from a marketing perspective due to the way YouTube's algorithms work. Send push notifications, set up a messenger bot, promote 실시간 티비 your video on other social platforms and ask all your friends to comment, share, and like your video.

How To Measure ROI On Livestream

One of the most common misconceptions about professional live streaming is that it requires a team of experts to produce the content and analyze the results. Fortunately, that's not the case. You don't necessarily need fancy equipment or a good marketing strategy. All you need to get started is your phone, laptop, or desktop. Neil Patel believes it's best to simply start and see how things goes.

If you're really curious if your live stream is producing good results, there's at least one way you can find out. Remember that live streaming is long-term. So don't expect immediate returns. Stream for at least half a year, then ask people. You'd be surprised how big the ROI really is.

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